About Travis Powell, aka The Waxing Diva — Esthetician and LMP

I am the Waxing Diva, otherwise known as Travis Powell, and my specialty is the Brazilian wax. What is a Brazilian wax, you ask? It is a bikini wax where all the hair (yes, darling, that hair in the “hidden” pubic areas – lip and bum) is removed. You could say I do more than most to tame the wild hair. I’ve performed the Brazilian wax on thousands of satisfied clients.

I also do Designer wax. This is where a design is waxed and tweezed in the pubic area creating an individual stylish design. Some of my favorites include “The Lotus Petal”, “Landing Strip”, “Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend” and “It takes two to Tango”.

Who wants the Brazilian wax? People from all aspects of life. Men and women, straight and gay, married and single. Even expecting mothers. In fact, I once gave a Brazilian wax to a woman who was 9 months pregnant. No finding baby beneath the cabbage leaves for that woman! The ages of my clients run from 18 – 55 and older. Attorneys, doctors, students, real estate agents, investment bankers, even grandmothers come to me for the Brazilian wax.

How does one become a Brazilian waxier? The only answer I can give is lots of practice. The procedure is not taught in school. And it helps to have a vivid imagination not only when creating the Designer waxes, but also in removing the hair. Some of the positioning I guide my clients to assume is based on yoga stretches. These positions help to keep the skin taunt, allowing the hair to be removed without damaging the skin and aids to make those nether regions lovely.

Becoming a Waxing Diva isn’t something that I set out to do – but I was born with the ability. My background began in massage, then, I went back to school to become an esthetician. I’m now the Waxing Diva. I’ve worked in several spas and salons in Seattle, Washington, helping men and women be lovely from head…to…toe. Once, the owner of an upscale spa where I was working asked why I had been getting so many requests for bikini waxes. The poor thing, didn’t know that my clients were getting much more then bikini waxes…they were getting Brazilians. Want to know more about the Brazilian or me drop me an email or stop by and visit. There’s more to Brazil than Rio and Carnival, you know.