How long does the hair need to be before it can be waxed?
    The hair needs to be an eighth of an inch in order for it to be waxed properly.

    How long will my skin be smooth after waxing?
    The average time you will have silky, smooth skin is about four to six weeks depending on your own hair growth cycle.

    What can I do about ingrown hairs?
    You can use a loofah to help loosen up the skin that is around the hair follicle. Also, NoBumpRX, a professional product designed for waxing, helps to treat the skin around the waxed area, preventing ingrown hairs.

    What should I do to prepare for my waxing visit?

    • Don’t use lotion or body oil on the area that is going to be waxed. This will cause the wax not to adhere to the hair, causing the wax to be less effective.
    • Take ibuprofen one hour prior to waxing visit. This will help to increase your pain tolerance.
    • Try to avoid caffeine. This will make you more sensitive to the waxing.

    What is a Brazilian Wax?
    It is where all the hair, or at least most of the hair in the bikini area is removed. That means front to back, inside and outside. You can also choose to have a design etched in the hair in the hoohoo area.

    Does waxing make the hair darker and more course?
    No, the hair will grow back the same texture and the color will not change.

    Does medication affect waxing?
    Yes, You cannot be waxed if you are taking the following medications, acutane, retina, or antibiotics. These medications will compromise the integrity of the skin. You need to be off acutane for a complete year before waxing is advised. You need to stop applying retina to area that you want wax a month before your service. With antibiotics you need to have finished your prescription three weeks prior to waxing.


    How often should I get a facial?
    You should get a full European facial every three months, at the change of the season. Your skin will change and your home products need to be changed accordingly. A mini facial should be done every month. This will help keep or pores clean, rehydrate your skin, or just give you a place to get away and relax.

    How do I know what skin type I have?
    It’s best for you to let your skin care specialist tell you. They are specially trained to understand the skin and they can let you know what skin type you have. It’s important that your home products are the right ones for your skin type. You can actually cause harm to your skin if you’re using the wrong type of product.

    How often should I be using my exfoliation and masque treatments at home?
    Generally you should be doing home treatments twice weekly. You need to check with your skin care specialist to find out how often these home treatments should be done.

    How often should I be cleansing my skin?
    You should be doing a morning cleanse and night cleanse. The morning cleanse will help to prepare your skin from outside environmental stress, the nightly cleanse will wash away any pollutants that have collected on the skin through out the day. You can follow this simple routine: Do a double cleanse, the first cleanse removes surface debris and the second cleanse will actually do a deep pore cleanse, follow with a toner, then apply an eye cream, and finish with a moisturizer. These simple steps will help protect you skin from environmental damage such as pollution and the environment.